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Latest News from District Leaders

Nancy Garlick

District Director
Nancy Garlick

Make Every Day Count

Raoul Yacinthe

Program Quality Director
Raoul Yacinthe

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

Alice Qin

Club Growth Director
Alice Qin

New Beginning and New Journey

Golden Gavel Award

Golden Gavel Award

Achieving the Golden Gavel Award is a distinction only a few clubs will achieve. Will yours be one of those honored by the District 46 Program Quality Director?  Learn how your club can win…

Open House

Hold an Club Open House or Membership Drive

District 46 will reimburse your club up to $100 for holding a successful Open House or Membership Drive between July 15, 2017 and June 15, 2018. Learn more…

Results from the District Elections and District Contest Finals held on May 6th at the Spring Conference

2018-2019 District Trio

District Director – Raoul Yacinthe
Program Quality Director – Alice Qin
Club Growth Director – Patricia Kidwingira

Division Directors

A – Angela Lee
B – Jan-Paul Roodbol
C – Daniel Hagerman
D – Leslie Boucher
E – Clarence Williams
F – Vidya Rajagopalan
G – Michele Marshall
H – Brian Goldfeder

Thanks to all the members of the Nominating Committee, and to all District and Club Officers who cast ballots at the May 6th Business Meeting.

Evaluation Contest

1st – Ajay Chitharajan
2nd – Quinn Lemley
3rd – Gail Lewis

International Speech Contest

1st – Hill Krishnan
2nd – Nikola Bugarin
3rd – William Baker

Congratulations to the trophy winners, and to all the contestants who won their club, area and division contests before taking the stage at the District 46 finals. View the contest photos

Traveling Toastmaster

Be a Traveling Toastmaster

Members who visit five different clubs and/or District 46 events between January 1 and June 30 will be awarded a District 46 Together We Rock Multi-Function Pen/Phone Stand. Get the Traveling Toastmaster form & rules.

Find club officer resources on this website

Club Officer Tools & Resources

Having trouble finding what you need on the TI website? We’ve compiled links to the most sought after manuals, modules, graphics, templates, contest kits, PR materials and more right here.  Review the resources…

Traveling Gavel

Capture the Traveling Gavel

Have fun, meet new people, share the Toastmaster’s experience. You and two other members of your club can capture The Traveling Gavel from its current location: THE BREAD CRUMS #5949236, New York, NY, captured the Traveling Gavel on May 2, 2018. Learn how to claim the Gavel for your club…

Rewards for Member Growth!

Congratulations to all clubs adding five members during February and March. They will receive a Talk Up Toastmasters ribbon to add to their club banners along with a TI discount certificate. View the winning clubs.

Winners Announced

Quick out of the gate! Congratulations to the clubs that bagged five or more DCP goals before the end of 2017. View the winning clubs that will collect the Mini DCP award of four High Performance Leadership packets.

Help Wanted - Open Roles Available

Speakers, Evaluators & More…

Check our Open Roles – Help Wanted page to see where you can participate in another club’s meeting. You’ll gain the benefit of your participation and the guest club will fill its agenda. A win-win for everyone! Learn when and where you can participate…

Officer Pin Set

29 Clubs Receive Pins Sets

Congratulations to the 29 clubs that will receive a complete set of club officer pins, a $60 value, because all seven club officers attended training during both summer and winter. See which clubs trained all seven officers.