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  • Juan Capote - March Area Director of the Month
  • Jorge Alzate - March Area Director of the Month
  • Clarence Williams - March Area Director of the Month

March Area Director of the Month

For March 2017, four Area Directors tied with 60 of a possible 100 points, earning them all Area Director of the Month: Juan Capote, Area 13; Jorge Alzate, Area 15; Clarence Williams, Area 34; and Yan Wang, Area 74. The deciding factors were a net gain in paid clubs above their area base, and completing at least 75% of their Area Director Reports. In recognition of their accomplishments of earning the Area Directors of the Month award, each will receive: 1) “Top Gun” pen and Letter of Appreciation from the District Director; 2) Recognition before his peers at the next DEC meeting; 3) Featured placement on the District 46 website.

Vote May 20, 2017

District 46 Officer Candidates for 2017-2018

Voting for our next set of leaders will be conducted during the Spring Conference Business Meeting. The Nominating Committee has reviewed the nominated candidates and is pleased to put forth the following candidates: Review the candidate slate…

Tom Marino - District 46 Director

What Brought You Here?

What brought you to Toastmasters? Was it to improve your speaking and communication skills? Or maybe to learn to become a more effective leader? Whatever the reason, you’re here now reaping the benefits of this wonderful organization. Don’t be selfish. Share the benefits of Toastmasters with your community, place of employment or even your social network of family and friends. In this way, your club will benefit… continue reading What Brought You Here?

Nancy Garlick, Program Quality Director

2017: A Year of Fulfillment and Purpose

Welcome to 2017! Let us make this year a year of finding fulfillment of inner purpose. The way to become a fearless communicators and leaders is by imagining the person you want to be, set goals, and taking action toward your goals. Continue reading 2017: A Year of Fulfillment and Purpose

Raoul Yacinthe, Club Growth Director

Your Journey in Toastmasters

With the new calendar year starting, some people get revitalized by making new year resolutions, while others focus on self-improvement by making spiritual, physical and/or intellectual changes in their lives. We in Toastmasters, however, receive the new year with different perspectives… continue Your Journey in Toastmasters

New Club Leads Help District 46 Grow

Submit New Club Leads

Do you know of a company, organization or group that could benefit from Toastmasters? Provide District 46 with their contact information and we will follow up to determine if chartering a new club is the right next step. Submit your New Club Lead by April 30, 2017 and, if the club charters, you will earn a $50 gift certificate to the Toastmasters International store.

Travelin Toastmaster Tote

Visit Five Clubs, Connect, Socialize and Learn Something New!

Members who visit five different clubs, excluding their own, and bring five ‘Lessons Learned’ back to their home club become Travelin’ Toastmasters. For every five visits and five lessons learned, Travelin’ Toastmasters are entitled to the District 46 Travelin’ Tote Bag. Learn more…

Spring Issue Deadline April 17

Share Your Articles with District 46

Spring Issue Deadline: April 17, 2017 – The District 46 PR Team is looking for a few good writers, who are willing to provide a few good articles… for our newsletter, on social media, and even on this website. If you’ve got a unique point of view, and something to say that other Toastmasters will find worthwhile, we want your contribution! Learn more about how you can contribute original articles to District 46…

Help Wanted - Open Roles Available

Speakers, Evaluators & More…

Check our Open Roles – Help Wanted page to see where you can participate in another club’s meeting. You’ll gain the benefit of your participation and the guest club will fill its agenda. A win-win for everyone! Learn when and where you can participate…

New Club Banner Incentive Award

Charter a New Club and Receive a Toastmasters Banner

District 46 will provide newly chartered clubs with a personalized Toastmasters Club Banner (Item 322), a $100 value, when the club charters within two months of their first demo meeting. Read more…

Second Quarter Newsletter

January 2017 Newsletter

Read the District 46 Second Quarter Newsletter.

Open House / Membership Drive Award

Hold an Club Open House or Membership Drive

District 46 will reimburse your club up to $100 for holding a successful Open House or Membership Drive between July 15, 2016 and June 15, 2017. Learn more…

Join Meetup

Join Meetup – Attract Guests

Meetup helps people find others who share their interest or cause. District 46 will reimburse your club for Meetup membership, when you promote your meetings throughout the year. Find out how your club can benefit.

Concur Online District Expense Reporting

Concur Expense Reporting

Toastmasters who conduct official District 46 activities such as TLI Trainings and Contests may incur expenses while performing their responsibilities. In the past, expense reports were submitted on paper and reimbursements issues via check. Read about the Concur system…