2017: A Year of Fulfillment and Purpose

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2017: A Year of Fulfillment and Purpose

Nancy Garlick Club Growth DirectorFellow District 46 Toastmasters,

Welcome to 2017! Let us make this year a year of finding fulfillment of inner purpose. The way to become a fearless communicators and leaders is by imagining the person you want to be, set goals, and taking action toward your goals. Pat Johnson, our Past Toastmaster International President, said “Big dreams stretch us, pull us forward, while providing focus and meaning in our lives. They challenge us to show a greater degree of creativity in order to reach them.” My fellow Toastmaster, this concept of challenging yourself to reach goals requires a commitment to your initial purpose. The reason you joined the Toastmasters organization was to become better communicators and leaders. The second half of this year, is an opportunity to set ambitious goals that challenges what is underneath our fears.

Nelson Mandela once said, “it always seems impossible until its done.” My message to our members, is to recognize that achievements frequently appear as an impossible journey, until they are accomplished. The remarkable insight, not revealed in this quote, is the concept we share in our Toastmaster’s educational journey. We gain knowledge and confidence in each step we take toward achieving goals. That’s right, we learn by doing projects and by participating with our members, both inside and outside our clubs. It is the hallmark of how we succeed in our growth journey. As Toastmaster’s, it is “the process” before the completions that adds so much more value to what we learned. Please, take the time to review the Pathways videos on the Toastmasters website and linked to from our menu.

Toastmasters is a phenomenal educational program that members develop skill competencies and achieve success at their own pace. Toastmasters International uses performance standards to benchmark the results of member success. Our new Pathways program will target individual member needs, then tailoring their program to their need. Later this year, you will have the power to chart your own course in this educational program. You will have access to twenty-four-hour virtual connection to tutorials. You will have opportunities for unlimited access within five disciples and ten learning paths to complete 300 competencies. Hard copies of Toastmasters Pathways programs are available with explanations, also. However, the great innovation is in the access to the learning paths tutorial beyond the scope of your club meetings. Learning and innovation are enormously important, this will support your educational growth as Toastmasters.

As this year continues, begin to turn your dreams into a reality by stepping outside of your comfort zone. Challenging yourself to a greater degree of innovative learning. Toastmasters International and District 46 are eager to see our members flourish. Above all, remember Ralph Smedley message, “our organization is dedicated to the individual, we work together to bring out the best in each member, and then apply these skills to help others.” Have a successful second half of the year by getting involved inside and outside of your club. This is how you can, Connect Grow and Achieve.

My best for this Toastmasters Year,
Nancy Garlick, DTM
Program Quality Director