Assess your Progress, Recommit to Your Goals!

//Assess your Progress, Recommit to Your Goals!

Assess your Progress, Recommit to Your Goals!

Raoul YacintheFellow Toastmasters,

Are we there yet? Are you meeting your established Toastmasters goals? As we approach the midpoint of the Toastmasters year, now is the time to assess your progress and recommit to your goals.

We all live busy lives that will only get busier during the upcoming holidays. You’ve probably begun formulating your New Year’s resolutions. Will you also recommit to the Toastmasters goals you set six months ago or, having already achieved those goals, are you creating new ones? At the end of December, while the world welcomes in a new calendar year, we Toastmasters will only be half-way into our current Toastmasters year. How will you benefit from the next six months?

Now is the time to buckle down, pick yourself up, tighten your laces, or do whatever energizes you, and finish the year strong while working towards accomplishing all of your goals.

You joined Toastmasters for a reason, so keep that reason always present in your mind. For the best chance at success, assess your goals frequently, and make adjustments to keep yourself on track. Your completed education and leadership projects serve as milestones in your journey towards your overall goals. When you look at the past six months, are you crediting yourself for all that you’ve accomplished? Are you celebrating the victories you’ve already won? No matter where you stand, there’s more ground to gain and your fellow Toastmasters will help you progress. Do not give up!

Let New Year’s Day 2018 and the midpoint of this Toastmasters year be milestones or markers in your journey. Now would be a great time to install your goals in your desk planner, calendar, or mobile app to help you focus and commit to the next six months. Achieving worthwhile benefits might not be easy, but hard work always pays off in the end.

I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Enjoy your journey and bond with your fellow Toastmasters members. May your Toastmasters journey take you to all the heights to which you aspire.

Regards and Happy Holidays!

Raoul Yacinthe, DTM
Program Quality Director