The following files and links are suggested by Angela Lee, District 46 Summer TLI Education Chair, as being helpful to club officers in performing their roles.

Any files indicating ‘download from TI’ may require you to be logged in at the Toastmasters International website.

Quick Links

Club Officer Tools
How to Start a New Club
Community Outreach
Additional Resources

Club Officer Tools

For the President

Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan (PDF download from TI)
Club Leadership Handbook (PDF download from TI)
Moments of Truth Manual (PDF download from TI – Part of Successful Club Series)
Moments of Truth Club Evaluation Chart (PDF download from TI)
Creating the Best Club Climate Manual & PowerPoint (ZIP download from TI – Part of Successful Club Series)
Club Performance Reports (link to TI website)
DCP Tracking Worksheet (Excel download)
Club Letterhead Template (Word download from TI)
How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club (PDF download from TI)

For the VP Education

Education Program FAQ (link to TI website)
Master Your Meetings – A Guide to Quality in the Club (PDF download from TI)
Member Achievement Record (PDF download from TI)
Meeting Agenda Template (Word download from TI)
Competent Communication Award Certificate (Word download)
Meeting Roles Signup Sheet (Excel download)
Executive Committee Report (Word download)

Speech Contests

For the VP Membership

New Member Induction Script (Word download)
From Prospect to Guest to Member (PDF download from TI)
New Member Application (PDF download from TI)
The Ice Breaker (PDF download from TI)
How to Keep Members Involved in Toastmasters (PDF download)
VP Membership Responsibilities (Word download)
Guest Packet (TI Shop item 387)

Club Open House

For the VP Public Relations

Public Relations Resources & Materials (link to District 46 website)
Let the World Know – Publicity and Promotion Handbook (PDF download from TI)
Club Newsletter Template (ZIP file download from TI)
Join Meetup (links to District 46 Club Incentive)
Build it and They Will Come – build and promote your club’s website (link to TI website)

For the Secretary

Regular Club Meeting Record (PDF download)
Executive Committee Meeting Agenda Template (Word download)
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes Template (Word download)

For the Treasurer

Sample Operating Budget (Excel download)
Another Sample Budget (Excel download)
Executive Committee Report Template (Excel download)
Tax Deductions for U.S. Toastmasters (PDF download from TI)

For the Sgt. at Arms

Club Attendance Sign-In Sheet (PDF download from TI)
Meeting Room Setup Checklist (PDF download)
Meeting Opening Script (Word download)
Ballots & Brief Evaluation (TI Shop item 163)

How to Start a New Toastmasters Club

How to Start a New Club with steps and fees (link to TI website)
How to Build a Toastmasters Club – A Step-by-step Guide (PDF download from TI)
Starting From Scratch – How to Sponsor a New Club – training guide (PDF download from TI)
New Club Mentoring Matters – training guide (PDF download from TI)

Community Outreach / Community Based Programs

Overview of Toastmasters Community Based Programs (link to TI website)
Community and Company Activities – what’s allowed and what’s not (link to TI website)


Speechcraft: Your Club’s #1 Membership Building Tool – Item 203A (link to TI website)
Speechcraft Starter Kit – Item 205 (link to TI website)
Speechcraft Flier (link to TI website)
All Speechcraft Products (link to TI website)

Interpersonal Communication (youth program)

Interpersonal Communication Brochure – Item 700 (link to TI website)
Interpersonal Communication: Kit – Item 701 (link to TI website)
All Interpersonal Communication Products (link to TI website)

Youth Leadership Program

Teaching Presentation Skills to Kids (link to TI website)
Youth Leadership Information Brochure – Item 801 (link to TI website)
Youth Leadership: Kit – Item 811 (link to TI website)
All Youth Leadership Products (link to TI website)

Additional Resources from Toastmasters International

You must be logged into the Toastmasters International website in order to download any of these materials.

Successful Club Series (Entire series ZIP file download from TI)

Modules in this series address the quality of club meetings and offer tips on attracting and maintaining members. Fulfills ACS and ALB requirement. A complete set of The Successful Club Series modules, including outlines and PowerPoint presentations. Includes all of the following:

  • Moments of Truth (Item 290)
  • Finding New Members for Your Club (Item 291)
  • Evaluate to Motivate (Item 292)
  • Closing The Sale (Item 293)
  • Creating The Best Club Climate (Item 294)
  • Meeting Roles and Responsibilities (Item 295)
  • Mentoring (Item 296)
  • Keeping The Commitment (Item 297)
  • Going Beyond Our Club (Item 298)
  • How to Be a Distinguished Club (Item 299)
  • The Toastmasters Educational Program (Item 300)

Better Speaker Series (Entire series ZIP file download from TI)

The Better Speaker Series modules are designed as 10-15 minute educational speeches to be given in your club. They give practical tips that can be of benefit to all members. Fulfills ACS requirement. A complete set of The Better Speaker Series modules, including outlines and PowerPoint presentations. Includes all of the following:

  • Beginning Your Speech (Item 270)
  • Concluding Your Speech (Item 271)
  • Controlling Your Fear (Item 272)
  • Impromptu Speaking (Item 273)
  • Selecting Your Topic (Item 274)
  • Know Your Audience (Item 275)
  • Organizing Your Speech (Item 276)
  • Creating an Introduction (Item 277)
  • Preparation and Practice (Item 278)
  • Using Body Language (Item 279)