Training Leadership Institute FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about officer training and the TLI.

Q. What does TLI stand for?
A. TLI is Toastmasters Leadership Institute. These are officer training sessions that are open to all members, but are mandatory for club officers to effectively execute their roles.
Q. Why is training important?
A. All districts rely on club officers to conduct the Toastmasters program and keep their clubs healthy and successful. If these clubs are to be successful, the officers need knowledge and tools. Club officer training provides the knowledge and tools. Trained club officers can result in more satisfied members, more exciting club meetings, more new members, more Distinguished Clubs and more Distinguished Districts.
Q. What is the difference between a TLI and Lunch & Learns?
A. TLIs in District 46 offer special presenters, optional electives, and position-based training. Lunch & Learns are of shorter duration and usually include only the district message for that portion of the Toastmasters year along with roundtable officer discussions.
Q. Why is the first Saturday TLI called “Super Saturday?”
A. On each Super Saturday (2 per year), District 46 kicks off the TLI Officer Training seasons; there is a summer TLI season and a winter TLI season. On Super Saturday, the LGET (Lt. Governor Education & Training) along with the TLI Team work to secure the best possible speakers, making this a great day to attend - not only to get credit for having attended officer training, but also to have an opportunity to engage with the best presenters we have available.
Q. What is the difference between the summer officer training and the winter officer training?
A. In the summer, officer training focuses on the specific duties of each position and the activities that are undertaken to execute successfully, i.e., the nuts and bolts. In the winter, officer training focuses on sharing successes as well as sharing challenges with peers, helping you navigate the second half of your term successfully.
Q. Why do I have to attend training twice per year?
A. The so-called ‘second training’ is beneficial to new officers (some clubs elect semi-annually) as well as to existing officers. They are given an opportunity to discuss any problems they may be having and have an opportunity to network with officers of other clubs to share best practices for improving their own clubs.
Q. Can I attend any of the three forms of training - Toastmasters Leadership Institutes, Lunch & Learns, or Teleconferences?
A. Yes.
Q. Can I attend more than one officer training session?
A. Absolutely. You can come as often as you wish.
Q. If I hold the same office for two clubs, can I get credit for both clubs by attending one training session?
A. Yes, just complete two attendance verification forms – one for each club.
Q. If I hold different offices for the same or different clubs, can I get credit for all of those offices by attending one training session?
A. Toastmasters International strongly suggests that you attend a separate training session for each of the club offices that you hold, however our District will recognize your attendance if you complete an attendance verification form for each of those positions at the training you do attend. For your own sake, and that of your club’s, you might consider attending one live training session, and then dialing in to a teleconference training for the other office, for example.
Q. Does my club receive credit for the Distinguished Club Program for these trainings?
  • Four club officers must attend in person training for your club to receive credit in the Distinguished Club Program.
  • On the Toastmasters International Distinguished Club reports, your club will get immediate “credit” for your attendance at either type of in-person trainings – the Toastmasters Leadership Institutes or Lunch & Learns.
Q. Can non-officers attend the trainings?
A. Yes, we encourage non-officers to attend, particularly club members who might be considering a future leadership role within the club.
Q. Is food provided at the in-person sessions?
A. If a session is described as a “Brown Bag” session, that means you bring your own lunch or dinner. All of the Lunch & Learns are “brown bag” situations. The other sessions will have any meals or beverages described in the response you receive when you register.
Q. Do I need to pay any fees or purchase any supplies to attend these sessions?
A. No, these are entirely funded by the District for the purpose of enhancing your experience as a club officer, and providing you educational enrichment.

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