Training Registration Detail for Club

Online registrations into officer training. Actual attendance and club credit for training is not reflected on this report. 'NON' is a registration into training by a 'non-officer'.
Officer initials will repeat when an officer registered for training multiple times.
8131 - Bay Ridge Toastmasters
Training Date Date Registered Officer Initials PRES VPE VPM VPPR SEC TREA SAA NON
Jun 21, 2014 Jun 5, 2014 B. B.   VPE            
Jun 21, 2014 Jun 2, 2014 R. S.                
Jun 28, 2014 Jun 13, 2014 E. G. PRES              
Jun 28, 2014 Jun 13, 2014 A. G.         SEC      
Jun 28, 2014 Jun 4, 2014 R. S.                
Jul 28, 2014 Jul 17, 2014 L. C.     VPM          


Club Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contests – July 15th through August 31st.

It’s contest season and club contests begin July 15th and continue through August 31st. See the Contest Forms page for links to downloadable contest materials from TI.

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Wednesday, July 30th
Toastmasters of Riverside Church (Torch)
New York, NY 10027

Thursday, August 14th
Long Island University-Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York, 11201-5372

Thursday, September 18th
Long Island University-Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York, 11201-5372

Thursday, October 16th
Long Island University-Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York, 11201-5372

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