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Hello Esteemed Toastmasters,

What would you like to share with your fellow District 46 Toastmasters?

writer with laptop and document stackLeaders, tell us what’s going on in your Area, Division and the District at large. Let’s tell the world how District 46 is working diligently hard to “Connect, Grow, Achieve” on all our challenges and successes.

Send us your stories on any news events, anniversaries, club activities, and personal stories. You might get a chance to win a number of REWARDS, for best or most funny article published in the Newsletter or on Social Media, as a club or individual. Think of the instant PUBLICITY your club could gain from one published event or idea. We know our members have great vision and talents and are looking for a channel to make that positive contribution be known. NOW…Here it is.

Articles should be:

  1. Between 300 – 700+ Words
  2. Provide 1 or 2 Pictures
  3. Send to:
  4. Subject: NEWSLETTER Article – Name/Club

All submissions should be spell and grammar checked and peer reviewed by the club officers or members. Ideally you should have an introduction (5W lead–who, what, when, where, why and how), middle (body), and conclusion, when writing your story.

Here are some tips on writing articles: – Basic – Advanced

Additionally, please find below some 17 Great Ideas to get you going…

  1. Invite other members to contribute stories to the newsletter.
  2. Find that person who’s always taking photos of team activities and projects and ask if they’ve got anything you can use.
  3. Make friends in high places. Many directors and team leaders often have messages or news they would like to share but they just don’t have the time. So help them out and ask them if there is anything important they would like you to write about.
  4. Introduce the new member profile or interview. Re-introduce an existing team member that your audience really needs to know (or know better).
  5. Check in with your friendly local industry association. Nearly every industry from Engineering to Hospitality to Advertising has an industry association so find out if they would like to contribute to your newsletter.
  6. Find out the news for area. Browse industry publications and websites and see what are the latest innovations and trends
  7. What’s on the radar? What are people talking about around the water cooler? Yes I’m sure there is quite a lot of talk about the latest Biggest Loser episode but what are people really getting passionate about? Ask 3-5 people this question and see if a pattern emerges. ‘What do you think is the most important thing going on at your club at the moment?’
  8. Interview someone in your club or company who is considered (internally at least) an expert on a topic.
  9. Hold a competition. It could be a club members competition that you take photos of and write an article about or it could be a competition for your readers.
  10. Include a survey or poll in your newsletter and use the results in the next one.
  11. Write a case study. One of the best ways to demonstrate how great your club, division a district is without boasting is to let your successes speak for themselves.
  12. Hold an event. Celebrate successes. This is not only great for your team culture, but sharing these events with your clients helps them to feel like they know you.
  13. Share the love. Member are the ‘life blood’ of companies and an easy way to make them really happy is to give them a bit of free advertising. Especially if they have something of interest to offer your recipients.
  14. Investigate some social media and see if there is something you can get started on. Start by searching for what other people are saying about your company and products and then branch out to other topics relating to your audience.
  15. Tell a personal story or share some Club or district news. Knowing what is going on in your club or district beyond the products and offerings can help your potential member get to know and understand you better.
  16. Do a bit of research and write an article on the company’s history. All companies have a story. Maybe it was an idea two friends had on holidays or the owner saw a fantastic opportunity?
  17. Get creative and instead of writing an article show or teach your recipients something using a presentation, webinar, infographic, photo album or video.

Please visit our new PR tab for more information:

NOW…free your minds and send us your wonderful stories and win special prizes.

All the best,
Gary Wapnitsky, DTM
Public Relations Manager