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Clubs, Areas and Divisions can promote speak-outs, social or educational events, teleconferences, webinars and other activities when they are: open to all Toastmasters and guests; for non-commercial purposes; and taking place within the next six weeks.

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Productive Meeting Workshop - Educational
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February 19
Flushing Toastmasters/Vic Paru

Sugar Club Thai Eatery
8118 Broadway
Elmhurst, NY 11373

Fellow Toastmasters and new guests,

Meetings are vital communications tools. If they are not run effectively, they can lead to confusion and dissent within an organization. Workshop attendees will learn creative thinking methods to solve problems that may occur at meetings through a series of exercises at this free event.

Complimentary workbooks will be provided as well as light refreshments and snacks.

Meet and Greet 12:30-1pm/ Workshop begins at 1pm. Ends at 2:30 pm.

Workshop by Vic Paru ACS, ALB, AREA 76 Director 2017-2018. Member of Flushing Toastmasters, Columbia University Toastmasters and Club Coach NYC Powerspeakers 2017-2018


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Vic Paru, ACS ALB
(917) 361-1550
Persuasive Toastmasters Open House - Open House
Date, Day & Time Event Sponsor / Location Event Details RSVP to
February 27
Persuasive Toastmasters

Persuasive Toastmasters
211 east 43rd St
New York, NY 10017

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On February 27, 2018, Persuasive Toastmasters will be holding an Open House house. In the open House, you will hear the following speakers: Social Media and Advertiser Expert, Toastmaster and former Area Director Peter Bossio and Multidistrict International Speech Finalist and Humorous Speech District Champion and Author Brian C. Robinson. Not only will you hear excellent speaker you will also hear a panel discussion from Past Area Director and Past Club PresidentDavid Graubard, Peter Bossio and Brian C. Robinson. The panel will address an array of questions from member and guess about Toastmaster and what this club can do for your development.

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Joseph G. Aubourg
(908) 451-9947
Open House - Open House
Date, Day & Time Event Sponsor / Location Event Details RSVP to
March 8
New York Harbor Healthcare System

New York Harbor Healthcare System
423 East 23rd St
New York, NY 10010

Come and take an opportunity to visit our open house. We are a successful club in Midtown Manhattan with a consistent history of reaching the President's Distinguished status each year. We would love to have you come, visit and join our club!!!

Yelena Ruzin
(212) 686-7500 x7345
(347) 915-3240