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District 46 Traveling Gavel

Have fun, meet new people, share the Toastmaster’s experience.

The Traveling Gavel began its journey at the home club of the District Director. From there, it’s up to you and your fellow Toastmasters to help it wend its way throughout the District.

THE BREAD CRUMS #5949236, New York, NY, captured the Traveling Gavel on May 2, 2018

To capture the Gavel from this club contact Rod Patterson, (917) 558-3185, (212) 277-3968
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The History

It all started back in the time of Regional Conferences in the summer of 2008. District 53 launched one in each of their divisions. They had so much fun with them – one club set out to capture all of them – that they made one for each district in the region and gave one to D46 at a regional conference. They did it with a lot of fanfare, beeping bicycle horns and a big monster gavel cart.

The Objectives

  • Encourage joint Toastmaster Club meetings
  • Share talents and knowledge of communication and leadership
  • Extend the fellowship of Toastmasters

The Process

  1. Three (or more) Toastmaster members, from the same club, visit the target club that currently holds the Traveling Gavel. Please call ahead to announce your intent to visit and offer to help with the program.
  2. The visiting Toastmasters must participate in the target club’s meeting in some way.
  3. The visiting Toastmasters ‘Capture’ the Traveling Gavel at the end of the meeting. They sign and date the Gavel Log, and take the captured Traveling Gavel and Gavel Log for display at their home club’s next meeting.
  4. As soon as the Traveling Gavel is captured, the visiting Toastmasters must announce the Gavel’s new place of residence on this website.
  5. The Traveling Gavel and Gavel Log will be displayed at each subsequent club meeting, or until it is captured by visiting Toastmasters from another club.
  6. Clubs may capture the gavel more than once, but a club may not capture the gavel right back from the club that captured it from them.

If your club has captured the Gavel, click to record the new location of the Traveling Gavel.

Clubs Capturing the Traveling Gavel
DateClub Number & NameVisiting Members
May 2, 20185949236 THE BREAD CRUMS, New York, NYRod Patterson, Denise Shane, Zaun Burgess
January 3, 20183061936 Emerging Speakers of Elmont, Elmont, NYPatrice Francois, Alexander Hill, Judy Williams