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Your Journey in Toastmasters

Raoul YacintheGreetings Fellow Toastmasters,

With the new calendar year starting, some people get revitalized by making new year resolutions, while others focus on self-improvement by making spiritual, physical and/or intellectual changes in their lives. We in Toastmasters, however, receive the new year with different perspectives and a renewed outlook. We have just completed the first half of the Toastmasters year and we are bracing ourselves for the exciting second half.

Some active Toastmasters have taken the first step in their Toastmasters journey and others contemplate the end of their journey by reaching the Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) level. However, some may lose their way and forget that the journey continues only if you keep taking more steps beyond that initial step. Yes, the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, but the following steps determine the discipline, focus, and desire to complete the journey. As Dr. Martin Luther King eloquently stated, “he has seen the mountain top and he may not get there with his audience…”; in Toastmasters, we see the mountain top as the DTM level and know that we must and should get there at our own pace and with our own effort.

As you reflect on your achievements from this past first half of the Toastmasters year, use this new calendar year as the catalyst to propel you even further toward more achievements. If, however, you reflect and lack concrete achievements, use this new calendar year as the catalyst to start a new approach or vision and set goals to have achievements for the second half of the Toastmasters year.

May your dreams be limited only by your wish to try new ideas and determined effort. May your achievements be gauged by the value they provide to others and the span of your personal growth. Most of all, let it be known that your courage is fueled by the desire in your heart to always be looking for a bright future for yourself as well as for the rest of your colleagues, acquaintances and the world at large.

Here is to you and me, may we all have a passionate, exciting and bright future in Toastmasters and in our daily life.

With my deepest regards,
Raoul Yacinthe, ACS, ALB
2016-2017 Club Growth Director