Your Success is Our Goal

//Your Success is Our Goal

Your Success is Our Goal

Alice QinDear Fellow Toastmasters,

You are our focus. Your success is our goal.

 The mission of District 46 is to provide positive learning experience by building new clubs and supporting all clubs in achieving excellence. We fulfill our mission by:

  • Creating a club coach program to help weaker clubs to gain strength, while additionally providing regular training to the club coaches.
  • Allocating club sponsors and mentors to help new clubs grow, while also providing regular training to the club mentors.
  • Distributing membership renewal packages to clubs, thereby lifting some of the club officer’s burden.
  • Delivering analysis results to the area directors to help guide them towards the best ways to support their clubs.
  • Recognizing the achievements and progress of all clubs.
  • Providing club membership incentives that mobilize resources and motivate members.
  • Building new clubs to expand the Toastmasters’ network.
  • Understanding the challenges facing clubs, and working together with the clubs to overcome them.

Our hard work has yielded a good return. Thus far this year:

Our work has the support of our members – because we value our members.

I wish you and your family all the best, this holiday season. We are very happy to support your club and work with you to develop your communication and leadership skills. More good things in our wonderful Toastmaster journey are yet to come!

Best Regards,
Alice Qin, ACG, ALB
District 46 Club Growth Director