2019-2020 District Vision

“We build dynamic clubs that deliver fun and exciting opportunities for our members.”

This is the 2019-2020 District 46 Vision that was adopted in August in Denver at the Toastmasters International District Leader Training and Annual Convention by the senior District 46 officers.

We ask every District officer and member to support this vision, and focus all District efforts to fostering dynamic clubs that deliver for our members. Every Toastmasters member deserves a club that is successful. Every club deserves a District leadership team that will help make that club successful. With 10 Division Directors and 58 Area Directors, our 2019-2020 District 46 team is committed to building great clubs that will build confident and joyful members.

Everyone's help is needed to realize this vision. Over 80% of us in District 46 belong to clubs that didn't exist 20 years ago. We enjoy Toastmasters because dedicated individuals founded and sustained our clubs. You can "pay it forward" by coming forward to the District with ideas for new Toastmasters clubs where you work, where you live, in organizations where you belong, at universities, places of worship or anywhere where you regularly gather with friends and colleagues.

Our District contains more corporate headquarters, more languages spoken, more human talent in abundance, than any Toastmasters District in the world. We're the largest in North America. The possibilities are unlimited for us. Reach out today to friends and family and invite them to your Toastmasters club. Make your club the best, and reach out to the District with your idea for a new Toastmasters club.  We have amazing members, amazing clubs, and amazing opportunities. Together, we can make an amazing District!