Patricia Kidwingira

From the Club Growth Director,
Patricia Kidwingira, ACS, ALS

“Each role has had its own challenges and rewards, all of which continued to fuel my passion for Toastmasters”

Dear Fellow Toastmasters, Members and Leaders in District 46,

I began my Toastmaster journey in 2013 with World Voices Toastmasters Club at the United Nations. Currently, I am a member of two other clubs. I progressed through the roles of Vice President Education in 2014-2015 and President at World Voices Toastmasters Club at the UN in 2015-2016, a club that was “perfect 10” during that period. I served at District levels as Area and Division Director in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 and led Area 72 and Division C to achieved the highest honor and becoming President Distinguished.

At every stage of my journey, there have always been friends and mentors guiding and encouraging me. Each role has had its own challenges and rewards, all of which continued to fuel my passion for Toastmasters, a passion to learn, improve and pass on these gifts. I am very proud of the support I have given and received along with the friendships I have formed.

Serving as a Club Growth Director is an important responsibility and an exciting leadership opportunity. On reflection, I see that I have I had many memorable Toastmasters experiences at all levels of my journey, and have had various wonderful mentors who encouraged me to become an effective communicator and take up various leadership roles as my way to give back to our community.

As District 46 Club Growth Director, I will lead and help Division, Area and Club leaders to improve club quality, build clubs by making each gathering memorable and to attract and grow membership. This goal will be achieved by creating a District 46 Growth Team- pods of passionate toastmasters, who will empower members to take the next step in leadership by providing tools, support and guidance needed to build successful clubs in our District. With your help, the District will achieve increased membership and make the payment goals needed to achieve its Distinguished status. I look forward working with you and having each of you become inspired and to take ownership of District 46’s success!’

Finally, let me share with you the words of Dr. Ralph Smedley, the founder of Toastmasters, words which have inspired many of us; “Here we are, with tremendous opportunity before us. I challenge you to get to work to bring us up to a higher level of service. Let us share with others the benefits we have gained for ourselves.”

Warm regards,

Patricia Kidwingira, ACS, ALS
Club Growth Director