Club Pathways Enrollment

From: District 46
Dates: July 1, 2018 - September 1, 2018
Eligibility: All Clubs
To Claim: Download your club's Club Roster from TI Club Central and email it to the Program Quality Director by September 6th.
Contact: Email the Program Quality Director for all details.

Achieve 100%, 85%, or 70% Pathways Enrollment by September 1st.

  • 100% Pathways enrollment earns the Gold Medal
  • 85% to 99% Pathways enrollment earns the Silver Medal
  • 70% to 84% Pathways enrollment earns the Bronze Medal
Gold, Silver, & Bronze Toastmasters Medals

​Congratulations to the following ​Club Pathways Enrollment recipients

Gold Medal
100% Pathways Enrollment

Division C
Area 37: Pride Toastmasters

Division D
Area 43: L.A.C.E Toastmasters

Division E
Area 54: BNY Mellon Toastmasters

Division G
Area 72: World Voices Club
Area 74: Humorous Toastmasters
Area 76: Queens Best Club

​Silver Medal
85% to 99% Pathways Enrollment

Division A
Area 11: Toast Of The Bronx Club, Bronx Advanced Speakers  Toastmasters, MIT Toastmasters
Area 16: BASF Tarrytown Toastmasters

Division B
Area 21: Harlem Toastmasters, Columbia University Toastmasters Club

Division C
Area 35: Jacobs Toast
Area 36: MetLife Whippany Toastmasters

Division D
Area 47: F.R.O.G Club

Division E
Area 53: SEC-NYRO Toastmasters

Division G
Area 74: 730 Toastmasters
Area 76: Jade Toastmasters Club

​Bronze Medal
​70% to 84% Pathways Enrollment

Division A
Area 14: Cross Winchester Toastmaters
Area 15: Westchester Advanced Club, Speakers with Authority,
Area 17: Hudson River Toastmasters, Peekskill Toastmasters

Division B
Area 25: Barclays New York Toastmasters

Division C
Area 32: NYC Power Speakers, The World's Leading Toastmasters
Area 36: Varonis Speakeasy

Division D
Area 41: OMNI Toastmasters Club

Division F
Area 61: Nichibei Toastmasters Club
Area 62: Pfree Speech Toastmasters Club, Advanced Debaters
Area 63: FactMasters
Area 66: NYU + City Hall Toastmasters
Area 67: ConEdison Toastmasters

Division G
Area 71: New York Storytellers
Area 77: The Cambria Heights Toastmasters Club

Division H
Area 84: Mind Masters
Area 86: Pinnacle Speakers