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DCP - Current Distinguished Club Program Report.
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@ - Club may have professional and/or educational prerequisites.
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Division A Nicole Howerton
Area 11 Natasha Orslene
Online Only PMI Westchester Toastmasters 7831618     DCP
Ossining, NY Hudson River Toastmasters 8558 DCP
Peekskill, NY Peekskill Toastmasters 3171395 DCP
Yorktown Heights, NY IBM Westchester Toastmasters Club* 648356   DCP
Yorktown Heights, NY Northern Westchester Toastmasters 3797112 DCP
Area 12 Marietta Phoenix
Tarrytown, NY BASF Tarrytown Toastmasters 3638279     DCP
Tarrytown, NY Regeneron Toastmasters* 5829986       DCP
Valhalla, NY PepsiCo Valhalla Toastmasters Club* 828089   DCP
Valhalla, NY WSP-BCM Toastmasters* 7176388     DCP
West Harrison, NY Cross Westchester Toastmasters 9976 DCP
Area 13 Fenty Kuropatski
Armonk, NY IBM Armonk Toastmasters* 7780585     DCP
Armonk, NY Swiss Toast Club* 716600     DCP
Purchase, NY Pepsico Toastmasters Club* 7230       DCP
Purchase, NY Priceless Speakers* 1199057     DCP
Purchase, NY The Toast of Purchase* 5864849     DCP
Area 14 Felipe Zarama
New Rochelle, NY La Voz Latina Toastmasters 1488421 DCP
White Plains, NY Legends For Life! 889516 DCP
White Plains, NY Speakers With Authority 5463 DCP
White Plains, NY United We Stand Toastmasters Club & Youth Leadership Program 9938   DCP
White Plains, NY Westchester Advanced [email protected] 695803   DCP
White Plains, NY Westchester Toastmasters 863   DCP
Area 15 Kimberly Mitchell
Mount Vernon, NY Mount Vernon Toast 5341900 DCP
New Rochelle, NY Monroe College Toastmasters 2218018 DCP
Yonkers, NY Consumer Reports Toastmasters* 3640336     DCP
Yonkers, NY MI Toastmasters 1322088 DCP
Yonkers, NY MIT Toastmasters* 6576008     DCP
Division B Philip Kao
Area 21 Eula Beckford
Bronx, NY Bronx Advanced Speakers [email protected] 3337790   DCP
Bronx, NY Bronx Toastmasters Club 6615   DCP
Bronx, NY Co-op City Toastmasters Club 3824   DCP
Bronx, NY Einstein Toastmasters 1500422 DCP
Bronx, NY Toast Of The Bronx Club 3035 DCP
Area 22 Maya Bahl
New York, NY Columbia University Toastmasters Club 3890961 DCP
New York, NY TORCH Toastmasters 1168440   DCP
New York, NY Harlem Toastmasters 8594 DCP
New York, NY TIC Toastmasters Club 2676 DCP
Area 23 Ling Chan
New York, NY Yorkville Evening Stars - YES 5425506     DCP
New York, NY Mount Sinai Toastmasters* 1023495     DCP
New York, NY Knickerbocker Toastmasters Club 137     DCP
Online Only New York Storytellers 6606660 DCP
Area 24 Maurice Lauriano
New York, NY Fordham Lincoln Center [email protected] 4776065 DCP
New York, NY DE [email protected] 5580612 DCP
New York, NY West Side Talkers 1180341   DCP
New York, NY Douglas Elliman Westside Toasties 595443 DCP
Area 25 Dennis Sumlin
New York, NY Nichibei Toastmasters Club 6394 DCP
New York, NY Roosevelt Island Club 4121 DCP
New York, NY Speak Up Swiss Re* 6547516     DCP
New York, NY East Side Toastmasters Club 6138 DCP
Division C Prashant Arora
Area 31 Desi Tahiraj
New York, NY BlackRock Speaks NY* 2884725       DCP
New York, NY Bloomberg New York Toastmasters - Bloomberg Employees Only* 3618250   DCP
New York, NY Gotham Speakers Toastmasters Club 3966637 DCP
New York, NY RaboMasters* 7782895   DCP
Area 32 Joshua Edwards
New York, NY g-Toastmasters* 5589856     DCP
New York, NY Ringers Toastmasters Club 7890 DCP
New York, NY Pacers Toastmasters [email protected] 2608 DCP
New York, NY Excellent Toastmasters* 1410471   DCP
New York, NY AB Toastmasters* 1588600     DCP
Area 33 Brenee Robinson
New York, NY Barclays New York Toastmasters* 5418945     DCP
New York, NY Midtown's Best @ Morgan Stanley* 1700500     DCP
New York, NY French/Bilingual Toastmasters of New York 7315453 DCP
New York, NY BNP Paribas Toastmasters* 3332242   DCP
New York, NY Mazars USA LLP 1166775     DCP
Area 34 Karen Liu
New York, NY Bryant Park Toastmasters Club 2895   DCP
New York, NY The Empire Eagles* 5371277       DCP
New York, NY Marsh McLennan Companies New York* 2078496   DCP
New York, NY CFA NY Toastmasters* 965817   DCP
Area 35 Hardik Modi
New York, NY NYC Speech Masters 3433011   DCP
New York, NY Deloitte Tri-State Toastmasters Club* 1244840     DCP
New York, NY KPMG NYO Toastmasters Club* 4405755       DCP
New York, NY JPMorgan Toastmasters NYC* 3793452     DCP
Area 36 Eyal Bitansky
New York, NY Geller & Company Toastmasters* 7708987     DCP
New York, NY Wafra Toastmasters* 6931829     DCP
New York, NY Metnyc* 1213823     DCP
New York, NY Societe Generale Toastmasters, USA* 6765848     DCP
Division D Suzie Iwadare
Area 41 Marilyn Collazo
New York, NY Humorous Toastmasters 1296797 DCP
New York, NY A+E Networks NYC* 6501985     DCP
New York, NY Global Expression Club 5596   DCP
New York, NY World Voices Club 643436   DCP
New York, NY 730 Toastmasters 1387307   DCP
Area 42 Zachary Auslander
New York, NY Leadership Roundtable Toastmasters [email protected] 1636   DCP
New York, NY The Big Toast NYC* 7419138     DCP
New York, NY Chubb NYC Toastmasters Club* 7766593     DCP
New York, NY SEC Roughriders Club 1876   DCP
Area 43 Silin Yang
New York, NY EY NYC [email protected] 2560548   DCP
New York, NY The Durst Organization Employees New York City* 6732803       DCP
New York, NY Voices of Bank America Club* 5328       DCP
New York, NY Acuris New York Toastmasters* 7580325     DCP
Online Only Virtual [email protected] 7850496 DCP
Area 44 Jacqueline McIntyre
New York, NY Traffic Club 2286   DCP
New York, NY Pfree Speech Toastmasters Club* 7883   DCP
New York, NY The World's Leading Toastmasters* 4315364     DCP
Online Only Podcast [email protected] 7896867   DCP
Area 45 Ryan Suspanic
New York, NY Persuasive Toastmasters 4634928 DCP
New York, NY Franklin Templeton Toastmasters - New York Chapter* 5821058     DCP
New York, NY Times Toastmasters* 1548645   DCP
New York, NY Toastmasters NYC Microsoft 6021925     DCP
Division E Robert Dong
Area 51 Linda Firestone
New York, NY TD NYC Toastmasters Club* 7702911     DCP
New York, NY Stagecoach Speakers, NYC* 4748139       DCP
New York, NY Vanderbilt Club 3061 DCP
New York, NY Lexington Toastmasters 1254058 DCP
New York, NY Toastmasters @ MSK* 1551020     DCP
Area 52 Miniimah Saafir
New York, NY FactMasters* 1526129     DCP
New York, NY Dewan Shai 7376563   DCP
New York, NY Girl Scouts of the USA* 7202219     DCP
New York, NY Midtown Masters* 4672690     DCP
New York, NY Extraordinary Talkers 735 DCP
Area 53 Ama Opoku
New York, NY Greenspeakers Club 3172 DCP
New York, NY Graybar Club 1436   DCP
New York, NY Fung Academy Toastmasters New York* 5271044       DCP
New York, NY New York Toastmasters Club 1949 DCP
Online Only Global Yoga Voices 7844222   DCP
Area 54 Sanjay Agrawal
New York, NY Amazon NYC Toastmasters Club* 7226903     DCP
New York, NY Jade Toastmasters Club 1721565   DCP
New York, NY NYC Equitable Toastmasters Club 3507 DCP
New York, NY Preqin Toastmasters* 7869700       DCP
Area 55 Ilona Duda
New York, NY CPG Toastmasters* 4565093       DCP
New York, NY Metro New York 451 DCP
Bronx, NY Advanced Debaters 3313240 DCP
Online Only Goodwill Toastmasters 7854653   DCP