Concur Online District Expense Reporting

Toastmasters who conduct official District 46 activities such as TLI Trainings and Contests will frequently incur expenses while performing their responsibilities. Several of the club incentive awards also provide for club expense reimbursement of Open Houses and other activities. In the past, expense reports were submitted on paper and reimbursements issues via check.

Concur is a new online expense reimbursement software and District 46’s solution to submitting and paying reimbursement requests. It is quick and simple to use. Just sign in, setup your bank account, submit your expenses, and receive your reimbursement automatically with a direct deposit to your bank account.

Requesting Reimbursements with Concur

Email the Finance Manager with the name, member number, and email address of the member to be reimbursed.

To submit your expense report, visit to login. Use your Toastmasters member number (add leading zeros if fewer than 8 digits) plus ‘’ to complete your User Name. For example, if your member number was 123456, then your User Name would be Your temporary password is ‘welcome.’

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    General Payment Processing Timeline

Direct Deposit: First payment can take from 2-4 weeks for reimbursements. Following payments are processed/completed weekly.
Checks: Payment will take 1-2 months to process if no bank account information exists.

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    Help is Available

Resources at are available after login under the ‘Help’ menu. Please download and review either the Concur Training PowerPoint or the Concur Training PDF (both are the same content) for instruction. If you require support once you’ve reviewed the training materials, please contact the District 46 Finance Manager at