District 46 Recognition – 2020-2021

District 46 Recognizes Clubs for Earning:

The 20 by 20 Incentive Award

100% Membership Renewal Award

  • Bronx Advanced Speakers Toastmasters
  • Bryant Park Toastmasters Club
  • Chubb NYC Toastmasters Club
  • Columbia University Toastmasters Club
  • East Side Toastmasters Club
  • Graybar Club
  • Hudson River Toastmasters
  • JPMorgan Toastmasters NYC
  • Metnyc
  • New York Toastmasters Club
  • PepsiCo Valhalla Toastmasters Club
  • Pfree Speech Toastmasters Club
  • Regeneron Toastmasters
  • SEC Roughriders Club
  • Swiss Toast Club
  • Toast Of The Bronx Club
  • AB Toastmasters
  • Bloomberg New York Toastmasters
  • Consumer Reports Toastmasters
  • Cross Westchester Toastmasters
  • Fung Academy Toastmasters New York
  • Knickerbocker Toastmasters Club
  • Legends For Life!
  • Monroe College Toastmasters
  • Speak Up Swiss Re
  • Traffic Club
  • Voices of Bank America Club

The Great Revival Award

  • Fung Academy Toastmasters New York

District 46 Recognizes Members for Earning:

The Guests to Members Award

For sponsoring 7 or more members, these Toastmasters will receive a pair of Bluetooth Earbuds (Item 6926)

Robert Dong
Yue Qin Lei
Jenny Lui
Neerja Purang
Henry Robalino

For sponsoring 5+ members, these Toastmasters will receive an Executive Calculator Padfolio (Item 6817)

Maurizia Muccini
Jill Talmer

For sponsoring 3+ members, these Toastmasters will receive a Junior Padfolio (Item 6932)

Penelope Boehm
Christine D Bond
Adam M Cole
Mary Elizabeth FitzRoy
Thomas Marino
Joanna Schaffer

District 46 Recognizes Members for Earning:

The Membership Achievement Award

March, 2021
Eleanor Abraham – Global Expressions Club
Eric Brinkman – Legends For Life!
Gabriel Corredor – New York Toastmasters Club
Martin W Ferrer – NYC Speech Masters
Glendora Henry – Bronx Advanced Speakers Toastmasters
Sandra Ann Murphy – Toast of the Bronx
Marleny Rivas – Graybar Club
Frank Szenher – Peekskill Toastmasters
Justin Yamet – Hudson River Toastmasters

February, 2021
Joshua Edwards – New York Toastmasters Club
Robert Fisher – Graybar Club
Brian Funicelli – Peekskill Toastmasters
Angela Kinamore – NYC Speech Masters
Priscilla Moore – Co-op City Toastmasters Club
Aruna Rawat – Legend For Life!
Elizabeth Synnott – Times Toastmasters

January, 2021
Nataliya Bazilevych – Lexington Toastmasters
James Emeigh – Chubb NYC Toastmasters Club
Vikki Jones – NYC Speech Masters
Michael Gary Kassel – Bryant Park Toastmasters Club
Richard Marks – SEC Roughriders
Leesa Thompson – Peekskill Toastmasters
Odette J Wilkins – Vanderbilt Club

Longest Serving Members Honored

The District 46 Trio recently surprised our longest serving members at their club meetings to congratulate and thank them in front of their peers. These 5 members joined between 1973 and 1983 - yes, members for 37 years and longer!