District Election Results

District 46 held elections on Saturday, May 18 at the Annual District Council Business Meeting in preparation for the split into two districts on July 1, 2020. The officers elected to serve during 2019-2020 Toastmasters Year follow:

Please Note: Elections were held for one District Director, two Program Quality Directors and two Club Growth Directors, along with ten Division Directors, all in preparation for the May, 2020 reformation of District 46 into two separate districts, District 46 and District 119. Click District 46 Reformation for more details.

District Director

Mark LaVergne, DTM, PID, PDG

Program Quality Director

District 46

District 119

Grace Pemberton, DTM

Gary Wapnitsky, DTM

Club Growth Director

District 46

District 119

Vidya Rajagopalan, DTM

Marilyn Sampson, DTM

Division Directors

A:  Dianne Marino, PM1, ACS, ALB
B:  Antoinette Lewis, ACS, ALB
C:  Richard Pastena, ACS, ALB
D:  Osama Tawi, ACS, ALB
E:  William Saliy, VC3, ACG, ALB
F:  Dora Abreu, ACB, ALB
G:  Joseph Aubourg, DTM
I:  Lilly Cao, ACS, ALB
J:  Denise Collins, CC, CL