100% Membership Renewal

Clubs can receive a $25.00 credit towards the District 46 Conference by renewing memberships equal to their July 1 roster.

Clubs that renew memberships equivalent to or greater than the number of members in their July 1 Membership Base will receive a $25.00 credit towards the District 46 Conference.

The Club Growth Director will mail the certificate toward the District Conference automatically to the club within 45 days after 9/30/20. This will be based on official dates as posted on the TI District dashboard reports.

Click to view the July 1 Membership Base for all clubs in District 46

100% Membership Renewal by September 30th
From: District 46
Dates: by September 30, 2020
Eligible: All clubs chartered before July 1, 2020
To Claim: Awarded automatically to clubs that meet the requirements.
Restrictions: The entire $25 credit must be applied to a single conference registration.