Meetup Incentive

Clubs can have up to $180 of Meetup expenses reimbursed from District 46 when growing membership with Meetup.

If your club is using Meetup and have posted the past 4 consecutive meetings on your Meetup page, the District will reimburse you $100. If you gain more members through your Meetup page, the District will reimburse $10 for every new member added (up to 8 members). You need to submit a screenshot of when the guest joined your Meetup group and a screenshot for when the club submitted that member’s membership payment to Toastmasters International. After approval, submit a club expense invoice through concur for reimbursement. If you have never used concur, the District Finance manager will assist with your registration.

Meetup Incentive
From: District 46
Dates: by June 30, 2022 (Complete submission by July 5, 2022)
Eligible: All clubs
To Claim: Submit your Meetup page link & supporting documents to Club Growth Director for approval.
Restrictions: None