Membership Achievement Award

Members receive a Certificate from the Trio, a Core Value Coin and public recognition.

The Membership Achievement Award is given monthly to exemplary non-officer Toastmaster members who are nominated by his or her club president, who is also wholly responsible for setting the selection criteria. The member must be in good standing from a club in good standing.

Members may not receive more than one award per year, and will receive a certificate from the District 46 Trio, a Core Value Coin, and public recognition from the District.

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Membership Achievement Award
From: District 46
Dates: January 1, 2021 through April 30, 2021
Eligible: All non-officer members in good standing.
To Claim: The club president must make the nomination of one exemplary non-officer Toastmaster member who remains in good standing.
Restrictions: Member must be in good standing, may not be a club officer, and must not have previously received this award.