Parade of Banners Videos

2019 District 46 Conference Virtual Parade of Banners

The District 46 Conference will continue to present a Virtual Parade of Banners in place of an actual parade. This allows everyone to enjoy this part of the conference, and saves time to boot!

How to Record Your Club's Video

  • Assemble as many members of your club together with your club banner.
  • Make sure your club name is visible on the banner.
  • When your camera person says GO, GET CREATIVE - your club should show all the excitement and pride that you have for your club (ie: waving arms, yelling out as if you’re cheering for your favorite sports team, this is your time in the spotlight!)
  • A few practice runs will get the blood and energy flowing.
  • Record the video on camera, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, but only in horizontal or landscape orientation.
  • After 15 to 20 seconds, end the recording. (We will be using the best 10 seconds or so from each video).
  • Watch the video to ensure both your members and club name on the banner are in the video.

Video Recording Tips

Please record your video in full, high definition (HD), 1920 x 1080 pixels and at 30fps. If using a smartphone or tablet, make sure you hold the device in the horizontal, or landscape, orientation. Any videos that are recorded vertically will be rejected.

Press the 'record' button before the action starts, and stop recording when you have 15 to 20 seconds of video. We will be extracting, at most, about 10 seconds, so don't plan any long sequences as they will likely need to be trimmed.

Video File Formats

If recording on a smartphone or tablet you likely don't need to worry about the video file format, but please set the quality to full high definition (HD) format. If you use a DSLR your video must be recorded using one of the following formats: .MOV or .MP4 (H.264) if you are unsure of file format send us what you have and we'll try to convert it for you.

Video Post Production

Please do not add titles or background music to your video as both will interfere with our ability to assemble a coherent, finished product. If you must trim the beginning or end of your video, please don't make your edits too close to the action; tight cuts don't allow for a smooth transition from the preceding video and to the following video.

Video Submission Deadline: April ​30, 2019