Pathways Resources

Pathways Webinars produced by members of District 46

A series of webinars helpful to both individual Toastmasters and Base Camp managers.

Welcome to Pathways - Where will Pathways take you?

A broad overview of the new program and links to videos about Pathways inception

Pathways FAQ

Answers to the common questions about Pathways

Pathways Ice Breaker Level 1 Project

Explore how the online Pathways education actually works by stepping through this entire project

The Navigator  (Acrobat)

Go in-depth with this comprehensive guide to the entire Pathways program

Pathways Quick Start Guide  (Acrobat)

Two-page overview flyer useful to clubs showing how Pathways differs from the manual-based program

Paths and Core Competencies  (Acrobat)

Explore the Levels and Electives of all ten Paths

Base Camp Manager Duties  (Acrobat)

A 44-page guide explaining how clubs access and use Base Camp to manage member participation

Simple Guide to Pathways Levels  (Acrobat)

Full-page graphic for each of the five levels, plus mentoring. Courtesy of Mark Snow, DTM, District 69

Pathways Reference Guide - A Companion Resource for Members   (Acrobat)

Everything you need to know about Pathways Paths & Projects in a single, 24-page guide. Courtesy of Mark Snow, DTM, District 69. Updated 1/2019 to include the Engaging Humor path.

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