Pathways Webinars

Pathways 101: Levels 1 & 2
This simple 50-minute webinar presentation deals with two topics: Strategies for working in Level 1 and Ideas for success in Level 2.
How to mark a project as complete
Once you have completed your project, how to mark the project as completed in BaseCamp so that you can move on to the next project.
How to mark a Pathway Level as complete
When you have completed all the projects in a level, how to request level completion approval so you can unlock the next level in your path.
Base Camp Manager – How to track member’s progress
How to access Base Camp Manager page for VP of Education, President, and club secretary to track member's progress.
Base Camp Manager – How to approve member’s Level completion
For Base Camp Manager (i.e. VP of Education, President and Club Secretary) who get notified when members complete a Pathway level.
Pathways 101: Getting Started
This simple 50-minute webinar presentation covers all the "basics:" how to enroll, choosing a Path, starting and finishing Level 1, navigating Base Camp.
Resources for Pathways Success
A presentation on resources that will be helpful with Toastmasters Pathways. An accompanying PowerPoint presentation can be download...
How to choose your Path in Pathways
Guide to selecting your path (i.e. curriculum) in Toastmasters Pathways program.
How to access and work on Pathways projects
Guide to launching the curriculum and accessing your projects in Pathways, and how to print the project and evaluation form.