Alice Qin

From the Program Quality Director,
Alice Qin, DTM

“Since elected, I’ve been asking myself ‘How could we serve you better?’”

Fellow Toastmasters,

First, thank you for your support in electing me as your Program Quality Director for the Toastmasters Year, 2018-2019. It is my great honor to serve you.

Since elected, I’ve been asking myself “How could we serve you better?” I believe, that to serve you better, we must return to our foundation: We support you to become more effective communicators and leaders and support your clubs to achieve excellence. This is our foundation.

To make this foundation solid we train our club officers and equip them to support you. Twenty officer training sessions have been created this summer to enable our club officers master club management and help their fellow member flourish.

To make this foundation solid we will provide support for Pathways implementation in three ways. First, your Pathways Guide will be scheduling a visit with your club. Second, we are scheduling Pathways webinars to answer your questions and help members and club officers navigate the ins and outs of Pathways. Third, we will be establishing a Pathways Service Desk to help the entire District better understand Pathways.

To make this foundation solid we ask each Area and Division Director to visit their clubs and provide support and guidance.

We build on our foundation to learn by doing, and by growing together.

Warm regards,

Alice Qin, DTM
Program Quality Director