Raoul Yacinthe

From the District Director,
Raoul Yacinthe, DTM

“​​History was made at the WPCS, with women taking home the first, second and third place trophies for the first time.”

Greetings Fellow Club Officers,

Having recently returned from the Toastmasters International Convention in Chicago (August 22-25), I have renewed faith and admiration for our District and for Toastmasters International. More about that later in this message, but first, congratulations to our clubs are in order.

Over seventy clubs trained all seven officers during the summer TLI, thereby remaining qualified to earn the set of eight officer pins awarded to clubs having all seven officers trained both summer and winter. View the list of clubs and confirm if your club is in the running by clicking on the link https://toastmasters46.org/seven-officers-trained-summer-2018. On the membership front, the Smedley Award incentive for five new members continues through the end of September, but the Club Leadership Challenge and its $50 gift certificate prize ends September 20th. Get more information about all the incentive awards by clicking this link.

Did your club earn a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal through member enrollment in Pathways? The Club Pathways Enrollment award recipients are posted here. Even though that incentive has completed, we urge you to encourage all your members to enroll in Pathways. Members who joined before May 15, 2018 can continue with the communication and leadership tracks of the traditional program through June 2020, while working concurrently in Pathways. There is a fantastic section with descriptions and resources on the District 46 website, where you will find answers for most of your questions.

If your club was not represented at the Hail & Farewell, and has not yet received the awards, gift certificates and accolades earned during the 2017-2018 Toastmasters year, now is the time to meet with your new area directors, requesting that they carry your club’s booty with them on their visit.

Do you want your voice heard outside of your own club, past the District and perhaps, reaching the world? Contribute an original article to District 46, and it may appear on our website, in a newsletter produced by our Public Relations Manager, or in an email to our entire membership. We would be honored to have your contribution. Start putting your ideas together as we’ll be announcing how to submit your writing on the District website in the coming days.

In the next few weeks, I will be asking for your approval of the District budget and the District Success Plan. Please peruse and approve them so that we can implement the items proposed for your benefit by the deadline of September 30 indicated by Toastmasters International.

Returning now to my experience of the International Convention, I was proud to see our own District 46 Champion, Dr. Hill Krishnan, representing us at the World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS). He was cheered and supported by a twenty-seven member contingent from our District representing the thirty-seven clubs listed at the end of this article. We also rooted for Mario Lewis, who represented our sister District 83. As you know, history was made at the WPCS, with women taking home the first, second and third place trophies for the first time.

We were proud to have been part of more history being made with the election of our new International President, Lark Doley, and with three more women elected to top positions in Toastmasters International. I, along with the other designated proxy carriers, cast over 300 ballots for the candidates vying to become members of the Board of Directors. A group photo can be viewed at https://www.toastmasters.org/about/board-of-directors.

If you’ve never attended the World Championship of Public Speaking or the annual Toastmasters Convention you’re missing out on a wonderful experience. In addition to the incredible speeches, there are invaluable educational sessions and the opportunity to network with fellow Toastmasters from around the world. Next year’s convention will be held in Denver and in 2020, Paris, France. How about building a once-in-a-lifetime vacation around several days at the convention? Start planning it now!

Let us know your thoughts. Engage us in conversation. Let’s discover new paths and enjoy the journey.

Fraternally and sincerely yours,

Raoul Yacinthe, DTM
District Director

​Our members proudly ​represented these clubs ​in Chicago

2 Broadway Club
Advance For Excellence
Advanced Debaters
Advanced Public Speakers
Bay Ridge Toastmasters
Blue and Green and OMNI
Bronx Toastmasters Club
Bryant Park Toastmasters Club
CCLI Toastmasters
Cervantes - Manhattan's Only All Spanish Club
DE Squared
District Leaders Toastmasters
East Side Toastmasters Club
Elmer A Sperry Club
Emerging Speakers of Elmont
F. R. O. G. Club
Fiesta -- Manhattan's Only Bilingual Spanish Club
Flushing Toastmasters
Global Expression Club
Humorous Toastmasters
JPMorgan Toastmasters Brooklyn
L.A.C.E. Toastmasters
L.I. Speakers Toastmasters Club
Leadership Roundtable Toastmasters Club
MI Toastmasters
MINY Toastmasters
Nichibei Toastmasters Club
Pinnacle Speakers
Rotary Chinatown's Toastmasters
Speak Up, America!
Suffolk Toastmasters Club
Talk of the Town Toastmasters Club
Toast Of The Bronx Club
West Side Toasties
Westchester Advanced Club
World Voices Club